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Privacy, Transparency and Choice

Neustar® AdAdvisor® - provides rich demographics-based data to online marketers and websites to help them improve their ability to deliver more relevant and interesting content and advertising to consumers. At the same time, we empower consumers with extremely robust protection through the core concepts of Privacy, Transparency and Choice.

How it Works

AdAdvisor uses a cookie - a small text file associated with your Web browser that enables companies to recognize your computer - to store data and deliver it to our partners. Cookies are often used to store preferences and profiles to make your Web experience easier and faster. Our cookie contains four distinct data points that we share with our partners to help them provide you with a better Internet experience: an AdAdvisor code, and three anonymous demographics variables - ZIP code, year of birth, and gender.

Here are some important facts to know about our cookie:

  • Our segments consist of groups of hundreds of thousands of households with similar demographic and life-stage characteristics.
  • Businesses use the information in AdAdvisor cookies to tailor online advertising based on the likelihood that someone will share certain interests or propensities with members of an aggregated group.
  • The contents of AdAdvisor Cookies are encrypted, and can't be read without the encryption key.

Read the full AdAdvisor Privacy Policy.


We understand that privacy is important to you. At AdAdvisor, our goal is to educate you on how we enable our partners to provide you with an improved Internet experience while explaining how we use data and how we protect your privacy. But we think you should have the final say in what data we share, so AdAdvisor gives you control by offering an easy way to opt-out. If you prefer not to participate, follow the link below.