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Neustar® AdAdvisor®, a privacy-friendly data analytics service powered by Neustar, provides rich demographics-based data to online marketers and websites to help them improve their ability to deliver more relevant and interesting content and advertising to consumers. At the same time, are committed to respecting consumer privacy, being transparent about our activities, and empowering consumers to make choices about how their information is used. The information on this page will explain how we use data in a privacy-friendly manner and how we give you, the consumer, the ability to control how that data is used.


We use Personal Information provided by an advertiser or online Match Partner about its customers and prospects, to create and set cookies - but these cookies never contain or convey Personal Information. Here's how we do this:

Neustar uses a combination of basic, publicly available demographic data points to place households into pre-defined market segments. For example, one of our segments might correspond to urban households likely to be composed of younger, middle-income renters without children. Another segment might correspond to households we think are more likely to be middle-income, middle-aged homeowners and renters with children. Our Match Partners permit us to access online registration information, which is personally identifiable, to associate an online browser with the pre-assigned segment for that household. Once the association is made, which is nearly instantaneous, AdAdvisor discards the registration information and sets a cookie that contains the pre-assigned AdAdvisor Segment Code, along with information about the user's year of birth, gender, and zip code. Here are some important facts to know about AdAdvisor cookies:

  • Our segments consist of groups of hundreds of thousands of households with similar demographic and life-stage characteristics.
  • Businesses use our data to tailor ads to entire segments based on the segment's statistically modeled likelihood to have certain interests or propensities, not at an individual level.
  • The contents of AdAdvisor cookies are encrypted, and can't be read without the encryption key.
  • We do not store any data in our cookies that can be used to identify, locate or contact you, businesses that use our cookie do not know who you are or where you live.

Businesses use the information in AdAdvisor cookies to tailor online advertising based on insights we have developed about the preferences and interests of households in the same demographic segment. This information, in combination with log and other data may also be used by Neustar or our advertising clients to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

AdAdvisor cookies are set to expire in twelve (12) months, although any additional user activity at a registration partner site results in the placement of a new cookie.


We have explained how we protect your privacy. We also feel it is important to share with you what specific data we actually have in our cookie about you. We mentioned that we store an AdAdvisor code, your ZIP code, your year of birth and your gender. An AdAdvisor code is assigned to users based on our own analytics. Our analytics uses a methodology often referred to as "clustering", in which households who share very similar life stage characteristics are placed into clusters and treated as a single group. The idea behind clustering is that all the members of the cluster have basically the same characteristics (such as whether they own or rent, whether there are kids in the house, or whether they live in the suburbs or in a downtown area, etc), therefore members of the cluster tend to have predictably similar interests, habits, lifestyles, and propensities. The AdAdvisor code is simply a numeric representation of the cluster a user's household belongs to.


Our goal has been to educate you on how we enable our partners to provide you with an improved Internet experience while at the same time explaining how we use data and how we ensure your privacy is protected. However, we believe that you should have the final say in what data we share with our partners. If you wish provide information to us so that we may inform our partners on how to best provide you with relevant advertising and content please click here:

Opt Out

If you prefer that we not provide any data to our partners, we provide an opt-out button below. Opting out here does not mean you will not see any advertising online. Rather, it means that the advertising and perhaps the content you see will not be as relevant or tailored to your interests. Also note that if you delete cookies after opting-out, the opt-out is also deleted.

Industry Organizations

We are a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), which provides information and guidance on how its member companies use and protect consumer information. To learn more about other NAI member companies' practices and how you may also opt-out of their services, visit the NAI website. Neustar is also a member of the Digital Advertising Alliance ("DAA") and the AdAdvisor Service is in compliance with the DAA Self-Regulatory Code.